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Chieftain Hybrid

The Chieftain Hybrid Sweatshirt... giving an amazing EN 388: 6.2 blade cut level 5 and puncture resistance level 2 across the arms, chest and shoulders. With a wicking material on the lower body to keep you cool.

The upper body is manufactured using a specially engineered knitted fabric construction which uses Dupont Kevlar Brand fibres and other materials to give a very high level of cut resistance yet maintaining the light weight and comfort level of this type of work garment. Where the fabric is knitted in a novel sandwich construction which, coupled with the combination of yarns and technical fibres used, gives it exceptional cut and tear resistance levels along with good puncture resistance.

The lower body is formed of a lightweight breathable polyester construction. Allowing for greater airflow and more comfort while wearing.

Chieftain™ Hybrid sweatshirts are comfortable to wear, are hard wearing and machine washable and, because their cut resistant properties are inherent, they do not deteriorate with washing.

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